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Short & Sweet Blurbage:
Emmy nominated singer/songwriter ellen cherry is a full-time touring and working performer based in Baltimore, MD. She has licensed her music to the Oxygen Network, MTV, and Soap.net. In 2009, she wrote, recorded and performed a TV campaign for FOX Networks and also composed the score for a shadow puppet piece entitled "Alonzo's Lullaby", which has been awarded the prestigious UNIMA Citation of Excellence. She has been awarded Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Awards for Vocal Performance (2007) and Music Composition (2009) and founded her own studio and label, Wrong Size Shoes, in 2004. Recording continuously since 1997, her most recent album, (New) Years, crosses genres, artfully displaying her talents in folk, pop, jazz, and instrumental music. ellen cherry mesmerizes her audience with her powerful voice and uses her keen, on-the-fly sense of humor to weave history, storytelling, and melody together.
Full Biography:

ellen cherry is a singer, songwriter, musician, designer, artist, producer, recording engineer, and human.

Once a character in a novel, ellen cherry sprung from the pages of a book in 1997, and began her life as a living, breathing, dynamic performer. Mixing equal parts of pathos and humor throughout her songs, ellen cherry is mysterious and powerful on stage. She seamlessly fuses her love of History, Poetry, and Literature with the Usual Suspects of Love, Loss, and Despair, with a powerful, commanding voice and a command of Power Chords on her guitar.

An artist incapable of stopping the process of creation, ellen cherry has recorded and released original music continuously since 1997. Her style has been described as "spunky downer pop for History buffs" and, yes, she is over 5'10" tall!

In 2010, ellen decided to re-visit her well received 2005 EP "Years" and recorded new arrangements of the 6 tracks. She also added 6 new tracks to create the new full length work, aptly titled "(New) Years." Each song's title contains a reference to a specific year. Many tracks explore specific moments in women's History, as well as ellen's own personal journey and experience.

Although the past year has included the excitement over an Emmy nomination and a prestigious Puppetry award, ellen has no plans to sit back and relax. She's already hard at work on the next batch of songs, as well as taking several forays into the world of producing works of other artists such as The Ernie Fowler Trio (ellen Executive Produced and Co-Produced their 2010 EP "Life's Lessons Learned"). Earlier in the year, ellen also collaborated as a producer on a live poetry event called "Live at the Corner of Poetry and Main" with her close friend, Cliff Lynn. She's currently hard at work at the production of a live cd compilation of those readings.

ellen has recently been commissioned for an album of songs by the Maryland Historical Society, as well as serving as the Music Director for the prestigious (and hilarious) Stoop Storytelling Radio Program.

Career Highlights:

  • Artist-in-Residence, Strathmore Music Center (February 2012)
  • Artist-in-Residence, Maryland Historical Society (April 2011-April 2015)
  • Baker Artist Award "b" grant Winner (2011)
  • "(New) Years" finalist in the Indie Acoustic Project's "Best CDs of 2010" awards (2011)
  • Semmes G. Walsh Award for Music (additional Baker Award, 2011)
  • Music Director and house band for "O Little Town of Baltimore! Stoop Storytelling Series Live Radio Program", (December 2010)
  • Co-producer and Artistic Director for "Mobtown Moon: Baltimore's Journey to the Dark Side" (April 2010-April 2014)
  • "We Are Baltimore" is nominated for an Emmy Award (2010)
  • "Alonzo's Lullaby" awarded prestigious national puppetry award, the UNIMA-USA Citation of Excellence (2010)
  • Teaching Artist Fellow for Young Audiences of Maryland (2010)
  • Commissioned by FOX Networks to write, record and perform a news promotional campaign entitled "We Are Baltimore" (2009)
  • Commissioned by Nana Projects to compose and perform original score for shadow puppet piece entitled "Alonzo's Lullaby" (2009)
  • Commissioned by LOUD Video to compose original score for documentary film "Happy/S.A.H.D." (2009)
  • Awarded Maryland State Arts Council Grant for Music Composition (2009)
  • Awarded Maryland State Arts Council Grant for Solo Vocal Performance (2007)
  • Founded Wrong Size Shoes Recording Studio, December 2003.
  • Discography:
    • (New) Years (2010)
    • "Alonzo's Lullaby" Original Score (2009)
    • heart like a lion (2008)
    • Years (2005)
    • re*dress: songs from the film "For the Want of a Queen" (2005)
    • the dizzy pleasure club (2004)
    • the ellen cherry primer (2002)
    • Waste of Time (2000)
    • Demo (1998)
    • Careful (1997)
  • Scored and recorded original soundtracks to two independent films, "Not Another Tolkien Movie" (2005) and "For the Want of a Queen" (2006)
  • Licensed album Years (2005) to Oxygen Network, MTV, and Soap.net Network for the following programs: MTV: Road Rules, Human Giant, My Super Sweet 16, Scarred, Bad Girls Club, and Breakers
  • Successful College Radio Promotion on 200 stations for Years in 2007 through Tinderbox Music
  • Shared the stage with Boyz II Men, Jackson Browne, pAt mAcdonald (Timbuk 3), Jane Wiedlin (The Go Gos), Amy Speace, Landon Pigg, The Rescues, Glenn Tilbrook (of Squeeze), Allison Moorer, Caleb Stine, Mary Fahl, Keith Sykes, Shannon McNally, and countless other touring performers and musicians.
Press Quotes

"ellen cherry's new CD (New) Years, is an excellent release, and one of the relatively rare folk concept albums. It works well because of great writing, both lyrically and musically.....The quality of the songs is very high, with a combination of good narrative and interesting emotional overtones in the lyrics, and the compositions are fairly sophisticated musically, not just typical three-chord folk style songs."
--George Graham, WVIA-FM

"(New) Years is the purest expression of her mining of historic events...There are several outstanding examples of everyday acoustic singer-songwriter fare. "1893 Girl at the World's Fair" has a tuba and sounds like it's going to be a vaudville waltz, but it's in 5/4 between verses, creating just enough tension to keep listeners on their toes.....The record ends with a trio of jazzier numbers"2003 I Hope to Dream of You Tonight," "2005 My Favorite Blue Dress," and "2010 Jazz Song #9" that are particularly strong and show off ellen cherry's prowess on the guitar.
--Jon Patton, Driftwood Magazine

"ellen cherry's gig at BlackRock was an unqualified success. Our audience, most of whom had never heard of ellen, fell instantly in love and wound up giving her a standing ovation. ellen is a storyteller at heart. Her songs are musical short stories filled with ear-catching metaphors, quirky characters, and hummable melodies. She is an excellent musician with a clear, bell-like voice and strong guitar technique. Rounding out the package: wit, charisma, warmth, and an unerring sense of showmanship that takes the audience on a ride from silly to serious and back again throughout the set. ""
--Charlotte Sommers, Executive Director, BlackRock Center for the Arts

"... captivating contradictions... she recalls a young Suzanne Vega. Ignore her at your own peril."
--George Parsons, Dream Magazine #8

"heart like a lion shows off a varied talent that goes beyond the standard girl-with-guitar... and effective musicality throughout"
--Joel Sparks, On Tap Magazine(Read the entire article here)

"[Years] is both fluid and varied, and it does exactly what music should do: make us feel joy, make us feel pain, make us think, and make our lives a little bit more rewarding."
--Dan Warren, HYBRIDMUSIC (Read the entire article here)

"Cherry's vocals are endearing and sentimental with tales that are topical... alluring songstress known as Ellen Cherry will surprise..."
--J-Sin, Smother Magazine (Read the entire article here)

"...more relevant than many of the major-label bands you've heard this year... a welcome reminder that indie-rock continues to be a spirit in an industry that often attempts to make it a genre."
--Will Doig, Metro Weekly, Washington, D.C.

"...songs with universal themes... intimate and familiar and should appeal to everyone who likes smart lyrics and a pop sensibility."
--Michael Macey, WRNR 103.1 Radio Annapolis

"...plucky guitar melodies... fresh slices of spunky downer pop."
--Bret McCabe, City Paper, Baltimore, MD

"...a cross between Cowboy Junkies and Liz Phair."
--Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, Pop Music Critic, Baltimore Sun

"dynamic, mysterious, beautiful and powerful"
--J.P. McDermott, www.westernbop.com


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